Skipping as a tool for weight loss

Skipping as a tool for weight loss
 The name "skipping" not all known and understood. But jumping rope - with childhood friend and favorite pastime. So, exercises known to all and have a skipping rope - a cheap and effective training to develop stamina, strengthen the body and to lose weight.
 While jumping rope work effectively calf muscles of the arms and the press, shoulders, and it significantly improves the figure. Skipping burns more calories than cycling, swimming, tennis. On the effectiveness of the fight against excess weight is comparable only to that of jogging.

Rope you can take with you anywhere and practice jumps at any opportunity. There is nothing easier than to lose weight with a rope. This method is available to any person, regardless of age, weight, and material conditions. Rope can be called cheap simulator in the world. Buy it needs to be in sports shops. You need a high-speed jump rope made of high quality material, with sturdy handles and transparent cord. It should not be too easy - this will not help you lose weight. The most important thing - to find the right length, or jumping will not deliver any pleasure. Rope folded in half to be from the floor to get to the level of the chest.

Before class skippingom need to spend workout. Jump on the spot, poprisedayte, do rotating movement wrists - so you'll be less tired. Need to start training in a calm pace, gradually increasing the load. Need not jump high, the back should be straight, elbows to the body. When you jump in this position the load will be distributed precisely on the problem areas. Good rate for exercise - 70-80 jumps in a minute. Jumping rope can be a variety of ways:

- Alternating jumps, in which the body weight is transferred from one foot to the other;
- Jumps back and forth - it's a good exercise for the thighs;
- Alternate, jumping feet together - legs apart;
- Running step - knees pushed forward, as when running - good exercise for the press;
- Rope scrolls twice in one jump - this complicated double jump can be repeated in ten normal, if possible;
- Cross-jumping - cross your arms and jump into a loop.

Remember that to fight obesity need a comprehensive approach. Review your diet, remove high-calorie foods. Healthy balanced diet and optimal exercise, of course, will give the result.

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