Diet Misconceptions

Diet Misconceptions
 Today very many people hold what some diets. About diets spoken everywhere: on television, radio, newspapers, magazines, finally, on the Internet. But do all of what they say, right? What are the most common myths and misconceptions about diet?

Probably the most important misconception is that the harsh and rigid diet, the more effective it is. People sitting on these diets, initially really lose pounds quickly. But if long stick to these diets, the body will be in a state of stress and begin to postpone reserve fat even if you eat very low-calorie product. In addition, it is difficult to stick to these diets, both psychologically and physically. There is a danger break at any time, that would nullify all your efforts. Therefore it is better to choose less strict diet. Let the weight they will decline more slowly, but the result will be a more long-term.

Another myth is related to the fact that we must abandon the very fat. But this is wrong. Fat the body needs to generate various substances necessary for its normal functioning, for example, insulin, sex hormones. Another thing that you should choose foods that contain little fat.

Many believe that if you do not eat after 6, it is possible to achieve impressive results. Yes, the results can be achieved, but this way of eating is not for everyone. This rule is based on human biological rhythms in the evening all the processes in the body are slower respectively, and digestion is not as fast as in the afternoon or in the morning. Therefore, in some diets have such a requirement. But it fits, if you go to bed at 9 - 10 pm. But if you go to bed later, this rule is not for you. It is better to stick to the principle that the last meal should be 3-4 hours before bedtime. And the food should be light: cottage cheese, yogurt, vegetable salad, etc.

Misleading due to the fact that you want to exclude from the diet of carbohydrates, is also quite common among people losing weight. This is not quite true. There are fast and slow carbs. Fast carbohydrates contained in the cake, candy, chips, french fries, etc. In the use of such food in the blood sugar level rises sharply, but added a little energy. Therefore, these products should be used as sparingly as possible. But in grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables contain slow carbohydrates. In contrast to the quick, they gradually increase the level of glucose in the blood and give you a boost of energy and vivacity for the whole day. Therefore, many nutritionists recommend to eat for breakfast dishes from these products.

Very often you can find the opinion that if there is as little as possible, it is possible to lose weight. But it is better to eat often, but small portions. With rare meals, you will eat much more food than you think. Therefore it is better to stick to a fractional power.

Here are a few myths about diets. In fact, they exist anymore. But not to succumb to the delusion is better to choose a diet with an experienced nutritionist will tell you that diet, specifically effective for you.

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