Sugar diet for quick weight loss

Sugar diet for quick weight loss
 Sugar diet - does not mean sweet, but rather a therapeutic diet suitable for people with kidney and liver failure. Thanks sugar diet can not only get rid of health problems, but also throw a couple of extra pounds.
 Sense sugar diet is that during the day should drink at least five cups of sweet tea. Wherein each dish add thirty grams of sugar. But foods such as chocolate, cakes, pastries and other sweets, exclude from the diet completely, as with any other diet. Sugar diet is not designed for weight loss, it improves liver and kidney, it is recommended for people suffering from cholecystitis or acute hepatitis. Therefore, before you start a diet, you should consult with your doctor.

Sugar diet can be safely attributed to the discharge, ie a temporary starvation. Within three days, used the same foods that are loaded with almost no body: pumpkin, cauliflower, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage and eggplant, carrots, parsley, onion and dill (all boiled except greenery, with no added salt).

The rest of the sugar diet is similar to all the others. When it is recommended to arrange a five or six meals a minimum portions (about a fist). The duration of the diet can be defined for themselves. It can last for three days, a week or a month. Since sugar diet quite specific, it should be a blood sugar level, body weight and the presence of certain chronic diseases.

During the diet may experience weakness, drowsiness, fatigue and apathy. Give time from strenuous exercise (jogging, gymnastics and fitness), sleep at least eight to nine hours per night. Replace exercise walking at a slow pace in the fresh air.

Exit from sugar diet carefully, without lashing out at the same time on fatty and sugary foods. After all, you only clean your body of all unnecessary, do not load it. Start with a small amount of fruit, vegetable salad, seasoned with lemon juice. Then turn to the diet of porridge on the water, and on the second or third day you can safely return to the usual diet and nutrition. Initially advised to avoid salty, spicy, sweet and smoked. Portions should also be small.

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