How to lose weight without starvation

How to lose weight without starvation
 Diets very much, they all require an individual approach. It is recommended to choose just the right after consultation with a dietician. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the constitution of the body, the disease having a chronic nature, as well as the number of pounds that need to be reset.
 Before you go on a diet, you have to think about what kind of results you want to achieve and how much time. Make sure that the food was full, delicious, varied. Do not suffer hunger, do yourself a small gift for each win.

Try to have no bounds, and at a certain time. This style food does not require giving up favorite foods, but will contribute to healthy digestion. Chew slowly, the brain will have time to get a signal of satiety, and you do not eat too much.

Buying groceries, make sure that they had no "E" is the most dangerous supplement - £ 261, monosodium glutamate, which is strongly incites appetite. Her many dry dressings, ketchup, sausages, chips.

Citrus flavor tames appetite when cooking meat or fish, sprinkle them on top of the lemon juice, fat in the body will not be late. Several times a week, eat eggs, they will help burn excess fat in the body.

Meat, cheese, nuts, cereals, pasta, potatoes - are traditionally considered high-calorie and harmful for the figure. In the exhausting struggle with being overweight, often have to give them up, however, it will only provoke the appearance of extra pounds. Nuts are a good source of protein, dietary fiber, abandon them is not necessary. At 30 grams of nuts contains 170 calories. If they bite, feeling of fullness will last long.

Pasta choose from whole wheat, they contain the optimal amount of protein, B vitamins, slow carbohydrates, which have long absorbed by the body, but do not cause a sharp drop in blood sugar levels and well saturated. Just do not eat large portions, combine them with herbs, cheese, meat, seafood.

Chocolate is not the culprit of obesity, although it is really high-calorie foods. However, 2 times a week, you can eat 50 grams, better bitter chocolate.

Have a high calorie content, not all types of cheese. Are fatty cheeses and made from whole milk. Sour milk cheeses are low-calorie, contain linoleic acid, which does not give deposited fat.

Include in the diet kefir, sour milk and yogurt. They contain calcium in addition, these products have a beneficial effect on the digestive tract.

Eat vegetable oil, in spite of its fat content, it is permissible 15 grams per day, which would not be overweight. The best way to use it is considered salads.

Discard the fries and high-calorie condiments, eat baked potatoes, boil vegetables, sprinkle with herbs. Meat is a storehouse for the content of protein, iron, zinc. The most useful ways of cooking - baking and boiled. Trim excess fat meatballs bake in the oven.

Replace crackers and biscuits ordinary bread, it contains much less fat. Better to choose a baking bran, it is rich in fiber and magnesium, and not less tasty.

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