Cucumber diet: fast results

Cucumber diet: fast results
 Cucumber diet will not only lose weight but also improve the body. To carry out its best in summer, when the cucumbers are practically no nitrates. In winter, their concentration often exceeds the permissible limits.
 For best results, stick with cucumber diet 5-7 days. During this time you will lose up to 5 extra pounds, display toxins from the body, as well as improve the kidney. It is advisable not to use salt at all, but if you can not eat fresh foods, add it in small quantities.

There are several options cucumber diet, but they do not rule out adding to the salad greens, lemon juice, olive oil or sour cream. It is also recommended to drink green tea with a little sugar or herbal slimming. Pay attention to the quality of the cucumbers. Better to choose the ground, rather than greenhouse.

Menu №1

Prepare salad. Rinse thoroughly with 2 kg of cucumbers under running water, chop, add a bit of green and cream. If you're not carry dairy products, use olive oil mixed with lemon juice. Eat salad 3-5 times a day. During the day, you can eat a small piece of rye bread.

Menu №2

On the day you will need 2 kg of fresh cucumbers and a few hard boiled eggs. Eat only vegetables can not be, because the body needs protein food. The recommended amount of product is divided into 5 receptions.

Menu №3

Take 1 kg of fresh cucumbers and a pound is not very sweet tomatoes. Vegetable Wash, slice and season with olive oil. Not forbidden to eat small amounts of onions and garlic, so you can add them to the salad to give sharpness. But do not overdo it, otherwise will have a strong appetite, which will be difficult to overcome. During the day, eat a cooked meal and a few hours before bedtime consume 100 grams of fat-free yogurt.

Diet did not seem to you dull and monotonous, alternate different menu options. If you feel unwell, stop starving. If necessary, see your doctor.

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