Cleaning-day diet

Cleaning-day diet
 After roaring party or frequent snacking fast junk food our stomach requires rest. Lose a few extra pounds and help strengthen the immune system cleansing fasting days.

Healthy people for prevention of many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, doctors advise once a week to arrange a full day of fasting. This method will help in the treatment of stomach, but make sure that your doctor does not forbid you to carry out such cleaning the body - still not eating will be pretty harsh measure for the unprepared person. Fasting is customary to begin the evening, completely abandoning dinner or replacing a meal dense glass of buttermilk or sour milk. In any case, do not eat after six in the evening. The planned day of fasting in advance, let him have a day off: stay home and take some time to rest, not doing housework.

On the day of fasting can drink clean filtered or distilled water to any amounts. From tea and coffee should be avoided, as well as smoking: Cigarette on an empty stomach especially harmful. More sleep and relax, do not waste power in the conversations and problem solving. Fasting will show its effect in the middle of the day when you feel ease and peace of mind. After a month of weekly treatments to improve the condition of your skin, boost mood, begin to go the extra weight.

If you find it difficult to withstand the day without eating, try to drown out the hunger herbal tea or fruit drink. The main thing - to drink was not strong, does not contain caffeine and sugar. Tea is better to prepare yourself from the dried leaves of the pharmacy or herbal. Tea manufacturers often add flavor to the drink.

One day of fasting can be replaced by two or three days of discharge diet. Between such diets should be a break in 1-3 days. Fasting days are transported easily, at this time there is a slight hunger, but maintain the serviceability. Select fasting day: it can be 0, 5 kg of grain cheese with low-fat yogurt; 1, 5 liters of milk; 2 liters of juice without sugar; 1, 5 kg of green apples or cucumbers. Drink plenty of clean water without gas. In the fasting day gastrointestinal faster cleared stomach and intestines, reduces the load on the liver. This is a great way to improve your health and lose weight.

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