By incorrectly selected diet to disease - one step

By incorrectly selected diet to disease - one step
 Before you conduct experiments on his body, experiencing new-fangled diet, you should always consult a doctor. However, in practice, a dietitian are units, preferring to make choices on their own. Internet - is a Klondike to search for diets. And most of them are just useless - they are injurious to health. Most often, the effect of the most popular diets based on caloric restriction.
 Together with calories body loses essential vitamins and minerals. Permanent lack of a substance leads to pathological changes, often irreparable. And the results you achieve in a period of limitation, it melts quickly in normalizing power. In such cases, some go so far as to resort to surgery for resection of the stomach. But this does not always work, and the operation itself - it is a very serious challenge that the body as a whole will not add health.

There are even people who are forced to cause vomiting after a meal. In this case, it is better to starve than so torturing your body. After all, he is just beginning to develop gastric juice, tuning in digestion of food. Needless to say, what the consequences of such actions? And the consequences not only for the digestive tract, but also for the mind.

By eating disorders can be attributed chaotic use of diets. Irregular meals, constant stress to the body, the lack of results leads to depression, nervous breakdowns and serious mental illness.

Many men and women have resorted to smoking as a way to lose weight. This is fundamentally wrong. Smoking is harmful not only for light but also for the stomach, disrupting its normal acidity. Scientists suggest that the plague is much more common in people with stomach acidity.

Medication how to lose weight is also very controversial. Television and radio commercials appear punctually about the miraculous drugs for weight loss. Many bribe promises to lose weight quickly and immediately. But a couple of weeks video disappears from TV and radio. The company has one-day disappears with it, get a good broth, and buyers get a lot of side effects. It is better not to eat than to poison your body.

Very dangerous to lose weight by ingesting parasite eggs. This path can lead not only to serious health consequences, but also fatal.

For the sake of his health did not choose a diet for themselves on their own, no matter how it may be effective for your girlfriend or celebrity. Remember that you - unique, and that helped a friend, not always suit you, but you can hurt yourself always.

 Author: Alexander Garankin

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