Diets: Eat, grow thin and mines

Diets: Eat, grow thin and mines
 Healthy low-budget food - really! It is not always cheap food worse more expensive counterparts. Reframe can reasonably buying groceries and cook meals at home.
 Do not pursue brands, modestly packaged products do not look so impressive than their expensive counterparts, but often less useful and nutritious. Do not believe the inscription - low fat - on the label. Fat still contains just the minimum level of what the manufacturer says nothing intentionally.

Not to overpay for air, check the amount of fat is also in the list of ingredients - it should be no more than 3 grams per serving. Buying a product whose advertising has been on the TV screens and magazine strips, rest assured - it is you pay for promotion. The share of advertising margins sometimes comes up to 70%.

Products are not always in the house is more expensive than a large supermarket. If the budget allows, buy the same set of different shops and compare checks. Make purchases once a week.

Psychologically shop once a month is more difficult than to leave the store on 300-500 rubles every day, running after work. But if you follow this advice, you will have an incentive to thrift. Especially because some networks can be obtained concession card buyer and significant savings.

Carefully study the price tags do not trust shares, or simultaneously acquire purchases that are more expensive than the same, but in the neighboring stores. Nutritionists believe that the greatest benefit for the person bringing those fruits and vegetables that grow in the area where he was born and lives.

Buy apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. summer and autumn and the winter make harvesting, freezing and canning foods. It is easy to calculate the savings in summer 1 kg of sweet pepper will cost 15-20 rubles, winter - frozen - in more than 100 p.

Look replace some products, and healthier and tastier. Cooked sausage is easy to replace a piece of meat, pre-baked in the oven. For the price of 1 kg, you may not win, but buying meat, you do not pay for soy fillers, fat, starch and byproducts.

Semi-finished products costing twice as much as the same dumplings and meatballs, cooked at home. Once a month, cook them in large batches and freeze yourself. So you will save at least twice.

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