Autumn diet on apples

Autumn diet on apples
 Apples are included in the diet of most food systems because it does not depend on the season and contain a sufficient amount of nutrients required for the body. There is even a diet in which apples are a staple.
 These systems include supply and autumn apple diet. This is a great tool for weight loss, favor among most women especially popular. This is not surprising, because the technique inexpensive (in the sense that it does not require the purchase of expensive exotic products), not too complicated (recipes are extremely simple to prepare, and its mode - is not tied to the clock) and to sustain it is not so hard - apples perfectly "interrupt" the appetite.

In addition, she has a medical condition and apples is very good effect on the stomach, so a few days of such a diet can seriously restore the motility of the stomach.

But, probably, for women the most important advantage of the autumn food on apples is its efficiency - in just 3 days weight loss program allows you to lose 3-4 extra pounds, and if you sit on it longer, and more.

Despite these obvious advantages, its "fly in the ointment" is present in the autumn apple diet. Experts believe that such a system is a power not for everyone, because of the apples. They contain a fairly large number of different acids, so gastritis characterized by high acidity and biliary dyskinesia apple diet is contraindicated (by the way, as well as the use of sour-sweet and sour raw apples). In this case, only variations in diet (sweet varieties or baked apples), but they are not as effective as it is sour apples stimulate and develop gastric juice.

People prone to kidney stones, apple diet is not too fit, but allergies can and should be used only green and yellow apples - red and orange in such numbers could trigger allergy attack.

It should also be noted that malic power system should not be abused. After sitting for a maximum of two weeks in the autumn diet, you need to gradually get out of it, and then periodically arrange fasting apple days. Otherwise, you can break the level of acidity in the stomach, intestine and normal operation to "earn" gastritis. After all, no matter how useful the apples, the body needs the full range of necessary substances that some of these fruits can not provide.

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