Apple diet for weight loss

Apple diet for weight loss
 Apples - a real miracle of nature. No wonder the popular rumor says, "apple for dinner - and the doctor does not need it." A Tale of Rejuvenating apples that return youth and health? Maybe the magical properties of apples and exaggerated, but back harmony and flexibility figure these fragrant fruit can accurately.
 How often do people give yourself a promise to start to run from Monday to abandon dinner with roast potatoes and pork chop, stop using high-calorie drink, go on a diet? At least a hundred times in life. But every time these good intentions turn into zilch. And all because most diets - it's tasteless and sometimes harmful. Most, but not all. Among the exceptions - the apple diet.

Apples have excellent taste, contains in its structure a huge amount of minerals and vitamins. That is why the apple diet will not only help remove extra inches from the waist, but also to restore metabolism.

Of course, the apple diet, as well as other mono-diet, short. That is, it can not be called balanced, and therefore should not be followed more than 1-2 weeks. But even during this time the result will be very impressive. There are several options malic diet. Choose the one that is comfortable for you personally.

Weekly diet

During the week of the diet should be consumed at least 1-1, 5 kg of fresh apples a day. In this case, the first and the seventh day of the diet may be no more than 1 kg of fruit. You can drink green and herbal tea. Tip: give preference to apples sweet varieties.

More rigid version of this diet eliminates fluid intake. But considering how much it is contained in the 1, 5 kg of apples, the occurrence of dehydration is possible.

Diet to yogurt and apples

Another option apple diet - apple-kefir. It is also possible to adhere to during the week. For each day of the diet, you will need 6 apples and a liter of yogurt. Instead of breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, dinner and afternoon tea to eat one apple, washed down with half a glass of kefir. Kilograms and centimeters just melt away!

If there is no strength and desire to seven days to chew some apples, apple arrange a fasting days about once a week. Just the selected day refuse all food except apples and green tea. The body will be very grateful to you.

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