The most common mistakes diets

The most common mistakes diets
 Currently, there is a huge variety of diets that promise us to easily lose weight. You can not believe everything unconditionally. Specialists, nutritionists allocate 10 mistakes that women, sitting on a diet and looking forward to an excellent result. These harmful errors.

Error №1: «Do not eat after 20:00."

You are mistaken if you think that all calories consumed after 20:00, turn into fat. Between caloric intake and the time of their use there is no connection. The main thing - to be on time to burn them.

Error №2: «The diet will be more effective if combined with fasting."

Can not starve! Skipping meals, you will not only spoil the diet, but also cause irreparable harm to your body. Starvation can lead to dizziness and fatigue.

Error №3: «The most effective is a low-carb diet."

After such a diet after a while you gain weight a lot more than if you just stick to the conventional low-fat diet.

Error №4: «The use of white products is harmful."

Most of the most useful products are just white. You can not judge the nutritional value on the color characteristics, pay better attention to other qualities: nutrients and vitamins.

Error №5: «Drinking plenty of fluids helps to get rid of excess weight."

This is true if you replace sugary teas and juices to plain water. But if you just increase the volume of water consumed, it will not help you lose weight.

Error №6: «When you diet you can drink an unlimited amount of juice."

Juices contain a large amount of sugar and preservatives. Therefore it is better to replace the juice of fresh fruits.

Error №7: «Sugar is very harmful."

Sugar is a different origin. Plant sugars are not harmful, but it is necessary to limit the intake of fructose.

Error №8: «Physical exercise on an empty stomach helps burn more calories."

When you exercise on an empty stomach, you'll quickly tire, respectively, to burn fewer calories. 2-3 hours before a workout, it is desirable to eat.

Error №9: «Liquid diets can reduce the volume of the stomach."

The stomach to reduce the impossible! Maybe just get used to the smaller amount of food consumption.

Error №10: «Grapefruit helps to reduce weight."

In nature there is no such product which is able to destroy fat enzymes. Grapefruits are very useful. They are rich in lycopene and able to protect against various diseases.

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