The main diet secrets of Japanese women

The main diet secrets of Japanese women
 Japanese women are mostly always look slim and toned, their skin is smooth, elastic and almost gives the true age. All the matter in a balanced diet, the principles of which are strictly comply with Japanese and can not afford to loosen up.
 The main secret of the Japanese diet - the use of a specific set of products. The basis of the diet are seafood, fish, soy and rice. Rice added almost every dish, so eat the bread is not necessarily his Japanese consumption is minimized. Japanese diet involves the complete replacement of rice bread (preferably brown varieties).

Japanese eat meager portions, but each meal varied, as one dish contains several products. Any use of food turns into a ritual - a change of instruments, table decoration, elegant small plates. Saturation faster this way - people eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly. Using chopsticks also slows the meal and speed up metabolism.

Japanese diet involves minimally processed foods - they are slightly soar, boiled or stewed, but very short-lived. This preserves vitamins and minerals, and fresh fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of constipation resulting from increased consumption of rice. Japanese seaweed use in any form - cooks add them to the first dishes, soups, side dishes and desserts. Hot spices give the dish piquancy and accelerate metabolism, so they are added to the mushroom and fish soups, but very small amounts so as not to interrupt the natural flavor of foods. Milk drink in Japan a little reluctantly, as the main sources of calcium are considered raw vegetables and fruits. In Japanese cuisine is almost no recipes using butter and heavy oil - products are prepared on rapeseed oil or fish broth.

Fish contains fatty acids and is ideal for people who want to maintain a healthy heart and strong vessels - in Japan it is eaten a lot and almost raw (sardines, tuna, herring, mackerel, etc.).

Like any woman, Japanese women love sweet desserts and indulge in this - the traditional puddings and jelly with fresh fruit served in beautiful dishes. Every meal ends with the use of green tea - is one of the main secrets of youth and beauty of Japanese women. Tea ceremony - is not only an ancient tradition, but also a real culture that needs to comprehend.

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