System -60: how to comply with all the rules and lose weight

System -60: how to comply with all the rules and lose weight
 Strict diet thing of the past. Many people have shown by example that to lose weight for a long time due to the almost total starvation - it is possible, but not for long. After completion of the diet the body usually gaining dropped pounds in a very short time. But how to lose weight? Especially if you find it difficult to completely abandon your favorite high-calorie foods and you are afraid to just break again. System "Minus 60" can be your good helper on the way to a slim figure.
 The authorship of this system belongs to the slimming journalist Catherine Mirimanova. The name "Minus 60" directly speaks about the achievements of the author: Catherine postpartum set a goal to lose 60 pounds and achieved it. One of the main advantages of the system is that you can not give up their favorite foods completely, and this will help avoid breakdowns and return unwanted pounds.

The main thing you have to adjust themselves in the transition to the system power - the transition to a completely new lifestyle. This is not a diet that you can throw in a few days. It is a long-term power system will help you see in the mirror of the new man. The main features of the system - is the control of meal times, as well as a combination of certain products, depending on the time of day.

So, in the morning and up to 12 hours of the day, you can not deny myself anything. If adhering to complex diets, you want to have a few months to eat a slice of pizza - eat it. But only 12 hours of the day. However, there are exceptions to every rule. So, Catherine does not advise eating milk chocolate. It is better to replace it with black.

From 12 to 14 hours can eat any food other than that which has been fried in oil. From 14 to 17 of the rules of the "Minus 60" prohibit combine dishes meat or fish with potatoes or pasta. However, you can afford a couple of spoonfuls of mayonnaise or sour cream. Also in the afternoon is better to abandon the use of white bread, and better and does exclude bakery.

For dinner, authorized products are meat and vegetables, cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit. The main rule - dinner should be up to 18 pm. After 18 hours, there is absolutely no better. If you are fully fed throughout the day, it does not make you work. Of alcohol in the system allowed the use of dry red wine.

The author also recommends that combine nutrition with exercise. Let them be not too intense, but regular. It is worth noting that the system "Minus 60" approved by doctors and does not harm the body and stress. Tuned to a new diet and observing all the rules, you will not notice how effortlessly begin to lose those extra pounds.

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