Salt-free diet for weight loss

Salt-free diet for weight loss
 Salt-free diet known to people for many decades, the efficiency of its time-tested. It allows you not only to throw off those extra pounds and get rid of fat, but also greatly improve the whole body, based on healthy eating. As has become clear from the title, salt-free diet involves eating no added salt. Soon those extra pounds will decline, and your reflection in the mirror will please you more every day.
 Salt-free diet - for many sound intimidating and much worse than to sit for a week on yogurt or vegetables. Everyone used to salt the already salty foods. Since the body needs salt and begins to react negatively to her absence. In this case violated the water-salt balance, which has the ability to maintain the right amount of fluid in the body, ensuring the normal functioning of the heart and vascular condition.

Salt not only makes food taste better, it is necessary for human life. This is a required component of all cells, blood, lymph and intercellular space. But many people forget the basic rules of supply and use of sodium chloride in large quantities. For example, waste salt dose should be 12-15 grams of salt per day per person.

If you believe that, ceasing to salt food immediately become healthier and lose weight, it does not. Translate this idea into reality is much harder than it may seem at first glance, but it's worth a try. First there will be virtually impossible to have unusual and unsalted food, but eventually you get used. And soon will feel the natural flavor of foods. At first, the salt can be replaced with natural spices, garlic or onions.

Salt-free involves food, which is designed for 4-5 meals in small portions. Get up from the table with a slight need to hunger, but in any case with a full stomach. another condition - no food four hours before bedtime (or after six).

Change your diet, make emphasis on fruits, berries and vegetables. Prefer apples and pears sour varieties, only natural juices. Among the vegetables do not limit themselves to cucumbers, cabbage, radishes, zucchini, tomatoes. Should not be used more than once a day, beets, potatoes and turnips (permitted in very small portions). Resolved lean meat and fish, mild cheese, milk products, no more than one egg per day, low-fat cottage cheese, figs, raisins, apricots and dried apricots. Also allows compotes, tea, jelly, jelly and a little coffee. All authorized products should be prepared exclusively for a couple, with no added salt. Cook the vegetable soup or a light fish broth.

Limit yourself from flour (no more than 200 grams of bread, meal a day) and pasta, jam, sugar, water melons, spices, bananas, fried, smoked, various pickles and marinades, sour and spicy dishes. Do not forget about the liquid - it you have to use at least one and a half liters a day. This can be green tea or sparkling mineral water.

The duration of the diet without added salt depends on your goals and well-being. This power can be followed by four to fifteen days. Option salt-free diet for up to fifteen days:

the first three days - only chicken (preferably breast) skinless, 500 grams per day;
4 through Day 6 - lean fish varieties as 500 grams per day;
from 7 to 9 days - barley or oatmeal cooked in water of 250 grams of cereals. It is possible to add a small amount of skimmed milk, lemon juice or honey;
from 10 to 12 a day - any vegetables, steamed and fresh (except potatoes) - 2 kg per day;
from 13 to 15 a day - you can eat during these days only fruit (except bananas and grapes) - 2 pounds per day.

Despite the usefulness of salt-free diet, it should be used with extreme caution athletes and people with active physical labor. It is advisable not to resort to this kind of diet in the hot season.

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