Oatmeal Diet: Advantages and disadvantages

Oatmeal Diet: Advantages and disadvantages
 Diet on porridge known for quite some time, but initially it was used not for weight loss and to improve health. This method of feeding is useful in many diseases of the digestive tract, and it gives visible results in the fight against excess weight.
 Oatmeal diet for weight loss is simple: you must take a glass of Hercules flakes and cook them in two cups of water. The consistency of porridge resembles mush, in total it would be about 800 grams. This number is divided into four equal portions, which are eaten during the day. Salt, sugar and other flavorings are prohibited, as well as other food throughout the life of the diet. Usually it adhere to 5-7 days.

With this diet daily portion does not exceed eight hundred calories, which is sufficient for the loss of 800-1000 grams daily. The diet has a beneficial effect on the stomach and intestines, but is contraindicated in pregnant women, nursing, adolescents and those who are allergic to gluten.

If this can not withstand the power is allowed to add to it a little too high-calorie fruit, such as apples. But the result of this will be reduced. Fruit can not be abused, and bananas, grapes and watermelons are prohibited in principle.

Advantages diet obvious: oats does not irritate the stomach wall, and normalizes the chair, bringing with it toxins. Porridge is beneficial not only to the figure. Thanks to her skin becomes velvety, lost pimples and inflammation. Another advantage of diet - its availability. Oatmeal or cereal sold in any store and is cheap, so try to cook a mess everyone can.

Also oatmeal diet for weight loss has its drawbacks, the most important of which - the nasty taste of the dish. Even those who are having breakfast porridge, is unlikely to enjoy the product, cooked in water, without any additives. Especially hard to stick to such food for several days.

In addition, oatmeal diet is quite monotonous in terms of vitamin and mineral composition, so stick with it for a long time - then deliberately deprive the body with the necessary nutrients it. Therefore, this diet is best suited for use as a fasting day.

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