Lulu diet

 This title vegetarian superdiety through which the singer Lulu managed to lose more than three pounds in two weeks.

General rules for diet Lulu:

The daily dose of skim milk for tea or coffee is 250 ml of water you can drink all you want, but it should give preference to non-carbonated mineral water. Once a day, you are allowed to drink a glass of dry wine or champagne.

Representatives of the stronger sex can also follow the recommendations of this diet, but they will have to supplement your daily diet with two slices of black bread, spread with margarine, cup light or dark beer and 125 g potatoes, cooked in their skins.

Waking up, drink a glass of water diluted juice of half a lemon, sweetened with artificial sweeteners.


25 g unsweetened cereal and any fruit salad from one apple, one orange, cantaloupe, raspberries or blueberries. Between breakfast and lunch, eat something sweet: small bagel, warm muffin, a small chocolate bar or a small chocolate bar.

Lunch Time

A large portion of mixed salad of "unlimited" set and one of the following main dishes:

- 175 g potatoes, cooked in their skins, 12 g margarine and 12 g of grated Edam cheese;

- 75 g (dry) any pasta made from wheat flour, canned tomatoes, garlic, herbs and 50 grams of shrimp meat or tuna;

- Canned peach slices and 100 grams of cottage cheese.

Afternoon snack - An apple or a pear.


A large portion of lightly boiled vegetables (without butter) and one of the following main dishes:

- 150 grams of fish baked in foil with onion, green pepper and sprinkle with lemon juice;

- 125 g of cooked beans and toast bread with bran;

- 75 g (dry) pasta from wheat flour, 75 g of shrimp or tuna, canned tomatoes, garlic, fresh herbs;

- Braised cauliflower with cheese sauce, prepared from 12 g margarine, dessert spoon of flour, 250 ml of milk and 25 g of low-fat cheese.

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