Lean Diet: How not to spend a lot of money

 Consistent and persistent adherence to the two options economical diet will give you back an attractive appearance for a week. Anyway, 5 kg was gone! Alternate each of the options and lose weight by 5 kg.  

I option

First breakfast:
tea with milk, boiled eggs, green salad, toast.

Lunch (lunch):
milk, stale white bread with ham, tomato.

Lunch Time:
red soup, potatoes, meatballs in a sauce of parsley, spaghetti, salad from fresh carrots, currant jelly.

lazy dumplings, tomato juice, and tea.

Option II

First breakfast:
barley coffee with milk, cheese, tomatoes, bread from wheat flour.

(Lunch): milk, biscuits, fruit.

Lunch Time:
Krupnik, filled with milk; roast beef, cooked without fat; spinach; potato; a salad of raw vegetables.

fish in aspic, vegetable salad with vegetable oil, stale bread, butter.


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