Kefir diet

 It is believed that milk and dairy products are harmful because they allegedly glued intestinal wall. That's not it! Man needs milk, yogurt and cheese because they contain calcium strengthens bones and teeth.  

Kefir diet is designed for 7 days. Should start a diet with intestinal cleansing using ordinary enema.

Nothing, except as provided by diet products these days is impossible. Furthermore, there is no need of sugar and salt. Losing weight is up to 5 kg.

1 day - five boiled potatoes and a half liter of kefir;

Day 2 - 100 grams of boiled chicken and the same half liter of kefir;

Day 3 - 100 grams of boiled meat and 1, 5 liters of yogurt;

Day 4 - 100 grams of boiled fish with yogurt;

Day 5 - fruits and vegetables (except bananas and grapes) and 1, 5 liters of yogurt;

Day 6 - yogurt;

Day 7 - mineral water.

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