How to lose weight without harm to the body

How to lose weight without harm to the body
 The problem of weight loss in a given period in the life of almost every regard. Ways to lose weight who want to "tweak" the figure offered a great variety: from simple and exotic diets to fasting, acupuncture, wonderful teas and simulators. Alas, not all measures are harmless as it may seem at first glance. Individual reaction to the forced change in diet, physical activity, appointment of unknown tablets may be unpredictable.
 Are there harmless "strategy and tactics" weight loss? That functionally supports normal weight person? Doctors say that the only sure way to health, and therefore the optimal weight - proper nutrition, rational mode of work and rest, harmony with oneself and the world. Unfortunately, our life fails on all of these components. Still about losing weight without harm to the body care can and should be. At the heart of the simplest ways to drop weight - diet, amount customarily consumed food and adequate exercise it.

Simpler rules and can not be: what is eaten in the form of energy must be burned by the body without a trace - in accordance with its energy costs. The example: to have been expended calories usual sandwich with cheese (even without oil!), It will take an hour of exercise. Calories dish schnitzel with chips will be used to zero in the foot march route 20 kilometers in length. Plan at least approximately the desired portions and optimal meal times, knowing the laws of its digestion, it is easy.

Firstly, you need to take breaks between meals (normal volumes, and not overeating) at least four to five hours. Of course, the food can be nourishing to varying degrees, and can satisfy the hunger of different dosages. The Council, in this case, too, is simple: It took hunger - trapeznichat no longer worth it.

It is well known that the dishes with lots of calories is better to eat in the morning: at the front of the stomach will have more time to digest it. But the second half of the day is optimal for the use of lighter foods (vegetables, salads, fruits, juices). If the dinner will be prepared by all the same with meat or other heavy food, it is advisable to sit at the table only to 18.00. It is recommended to close for the night to eat less sweet and salty. If, in the circumstances, the evening was associated with abundant feast, the morning meal should be the maximum modest tea or coffee with a mini-sandwich.

Some people do not believe in any recommendation and believe that the struggle for harmony - a useless thing, because genes, metabolism, lifestyle, their usual food preferences and attitudes is almost impossible to resist. Yes, being overweight may have signs of disease hereditary nature, diseases of the nervous system, can be triggered by hormonal disorders and have psychological causes. But the same medical evidence confirm that the main cause of obesity - overeating and an imbalance between the supply of energy reserves of food and their spending. In developed countries, the criterion of a healthy lifestyle has long been considered the consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals and minimum fat content.

Of course, burn fat sports, physical exercises. No time to do this specifically - just go on foot and climb into the apartment of the elevator. Walk before bedtime is always useful.
Finally. Do not aspire to a sharp decrease in body weight. Effective gradual weight loss - no more than ten percent of your weight in a year.

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