Express-diet for a week: Advantages and disadvantages

Express-diet for a week: Advantages and disadvantages
 If you want to lose weight, but not willing to endure months to achieve this lofty goal, try a quick and effective diet, calculated for a week. However, before choosing one of the many options, weigh all the pluses and minuses of fashion express diets.
 The positive aspects of fast diets include their diversity. Not necessarily limited to the buckwheat with yogurt or tea with milk. If you can not tolerate dairy products or hate buckwheat, you're unlikely to sustain a week of such a diet. Try a diet of lean chicken meat, eggs and vegetable salads or a program based on a combination of rice porridge and stewed fruit.

Another plus short diets - fast results. By the second or third day restrictions, you will see changes - scales confirmed the loss of several hundred grams of weight and centimeter could fix the lack of a pair of centimeters in the most problematic areas. Note that much of the lost - water. In order not to be deceived, set the correct drinking regime and do not deny yourself in the mineral water without gas, and green tea.

A relatively short period of food restriction did not have time to cause harm to the body, even if you choose a pretty tough diet. In addition, the realization that in a few days the diet is over, can give you strength. Weight loss program to be effective, the return to a normal diet for a few days, and then sit down on a diet - perhaps by another program. This alternation of "well-fed" and "hungry" days, you can continue until you achieve the desired result.

However, rapid diets are not for everyone. People with health problems, you should choose a different tactic. They will approach the long-term diet program under constant supervision of a specialist, controls the process. Short amateur "shock therapy" will do more harm than good.

Note that the short-term diet is not capable of miracles. During the week you will not be able to throw off 7 pounds, even if you do stop eating. One-two kilograms - a very good result. But if disappointed, you will return to the old diet, and even decide how to mark the end of the diet, afford all the forbidden foods at once, the lost weight back. And with it will come back dissatisfaction and a desire to be comforted usual way - with the help of a delicious meal. Break this cycle will be very difficult.

Deciding on a diet, be sure to include in the diet of a multivitamin - they make up the shortfall important trace elements that you do not get from food. Daily intake of capsules or pills can be extended to two or three months - especially if you decide to repeat the rapid diet.

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