Diet for Men: simple rules of useful power

Diet for Men: simple rules of useful power
 Men exposed to obesity, no less than women. In most cases, the cause of obesity is excess food, which, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle is paying off. Weight loss should use simple rules of useful power.  
 Eat breakfast

If you are in a hurry in the morning and neglect breakfast, in the evening you will inevitably overeat. Morning meal should contain protein, complex carbohydrates and vitamins. Immediately after waking up drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. After 20 minutes, the steam eat scrambled eggs, oatmeal or muesli with milk, kefir, yogurt. For lunch, you consume much less food, and in the evening it will be easier to sustain a diet.

Eat slowly

Chew. In the brain quickly gets down to saturation, and you will avoid overeating. If you're used to eat food very quickly, try to control yourself. Only in this way can avoid overeating.

Give up alcohol

Alcoholic drinks - these are empty calories that come into your body and laid on his stomach in the form of fat. After drinking a bottle of beer you pounce on the food with a vengeance. Besides daily in your body receives 250 extra calories. And if you're used to drink a few beers during the evening, it is not surprising that in a few months you will have to think about losing weight. Do not forget that beer contains high levels of phytoestrogens - analogue of the female sex hormone. The systematic use of beer leads to a reduction of testosterone, the lack of which leads not only to problems in sexual life, but excess weight.

Discard the harmful products

Chips, fast food, fried, pickled, canned, fat, smoked food - it's something that should be excluded from the diet. Maximum limit the amount of sweets, breads, muffins. Try not to snack. To lose weight, food must be fractional and frequent.

What foods can be consumed

The basis of the diet should be low-fat meat and fish varieties, poultry, vegetables, fruits (except raisins, grapes, bananas), cereals, vegetable oil. All food must be cooked by steaming or broth. This is the foundation of a healthy diet. Vegetables and fruits rationally consumed fresh.

Counted daily calories from food. To do this, buy a table and kitchen scales.

Compose menu for the week. A balanced diet - is the basis of the diet. Do not forget that diet have systematically. Gradually you get used to a healthy diet, and the results did not take long to wait.

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