Diet Demi Moore: a lot of raw vegetables and fruits

Diet Demi Moore: a lot of raw vegetables and fruits
 The world-famous Hollywood actress Demi Moore does not come from the pages of glossy magazines for nearly three decades. And crowds of fans with enthusiasm and considerable surprise note that she is now as young and slender, as in the beginning of his career, although it behind three children and almost half a century of age. Disassembled piece by piece her life, many have come to the conclusion that the secret of the young actress to a large extent depends on the diet, which it already holds a long time.
 The principal difference between diet Demi Moore from other ways of food is almost no heat treatment products. We have such a diet called succinct word "raw food". In its decision, the Hollywood star refers to scientific studies, according to which kind of food people ate in the Stone Age. And as with the passage of time have not changed any digestive system or metabolism, nothing prevents to do it and contemporaries, if they want to get in a natural form that nature gives.

Raw vegetables and fruits, as well as meat and fish make up two-thirds of the diet actress. But if vegetables and fruits in their usual form it is easy to imagine another, how to force myself to eat a raw piece of meat? Slimming on the same diet Natalie Portman, Kirsten Dunst and Uma Thurman feel that it is easy to get used to, especially if there are meat and fish products with spices, for example, with a piece of pepper, chili, it makes Demi Moore. In addition, this pepper makes edible meat, it also stimulates metabolism, accelerating fat burning process.

However, in the US, this diet is so popular that there are many restaurants that serve only raw foods, such as fish and very thinly sliced ​​meat carpaccio. All this is seasoned with spices and decorated so that drools even the adherents of traditional food. So if you decide to follow the advice of the famous American women, try to cook meat and fish as well. But remember that you must exclude the possibility of ingestion of harmful microorganisms.

The list of required products also includes nuts, various seeds, sprouted grains, dried fruits and juices, as well as herbs and spices. You can eat pasta and rice, but the buns and white bread declared war. But it may be whole grain bread. Can not do, of course, and without this protein foods like eggs, beans and soy. Are allowed in this diet dairy products, try to select only those which reduced the percentage of fat. Candy and sugar Demi Moore tries to replace the slices of sweet fruit and honey.

As you can see, the limitations in this diet is not so much. A restricted products such as alcohol, coffee, tea, carbonated, sweet products and various conservation is not recommended to use in other popular diets.

Of course, with the amount eaten you still have to follow, because even allowed to use products can be much more than the body needs. Above 1800 calories a day is not allowed.

If you are not afraid of difficulties, and you are determined to follow Demi Moore, it's real, but still to start consult with physicians. This diet can be started only if you have no contraindications.

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