Cucumber Diet: Advantages and disadvantages

Cucumber Diet: Advantages and disadvantages
 Cucumber diet which year excites the minds of aspiring to harmony ladies. I am glad availability of its main ingredient, but for all its effectiveness, such a system power has not only advantages, but also disadvantages.
 Main contents of vegetable - water, due to which almost negligible caloric cucumbers. Fiber, part of the cucumber helps to stimulate digestion, cleanses the skin. If you eat cucumber without salt, and the withdrawal of excess fluid accumulates in the tissues.

The advantage of cucumber diet in its relative harmlessness. However, it is poor in terms of variety of nutrients, but eating cucumbers are allowed at any state of health.

Cucumber diet for weight loss is of two types: rigid and more forgiving. In the first case a day are allowed to eat a kilo of cucumbers in a pure form or in the chopped salad dressed with butter or sour cream. As additional ingredients permitted only greens. A feeling of satiety from such short supply, and only eat one cucumber for a week is not too tasty.

Such fast cucumber diet is ideal for handling the day. In one day, cucumbers simply do not have time to cause a feeling of mistrust, which almost inevitably appears already to the middle of the week.

The second option is called sparing diet, because in addition to the cucumber salad is allowed to eat one egg or a small piece of boiled beef for breakfast and a piece of black rye bread for lunch. In the evening, allowed one apple or pear. So eat lighter, but also the effectiveness of the diet will be less.

Advantages diet obvious: weight goes quickly, as the total daily calorie servings does not exceed 1000 calories. Disadvantages are also simple: a single-component supply leads to the fact that the body does not get it right protein and fat, so you need to take vitamins. Also, as a side effect often mark indigestion, as the habit body to digest so many cucumbers just can not.

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