5 simple ways to reduce stress and weight!

 Tummy is growing, despite the persistent daily exercise and proper nutrition flawlessly ... None other than pregnancy? No - most likely just a banal stress!

1. Eat "in Italian". Ever wonder why the Spaniards and Italians know how to enjoy life so rarely get sick and live a long time? The secret - in the Mediterranean diet.
Mediterranean diet helps to kill two birds with one stone: to win weight and put a reliable shield against disease.

2. walk more. Vigorous walking - walking or cycling - an excellent tool for relaxation.
In addition, actively moving, you will inevitably lose weight.

3. Master the techniques of stress relief and practice them daily. Old truth: you can not change the circumstances - change yourself (or rather their attitude to them). To do this, there are the famous and very popular techniques: deep breathing, meditation, relaxation exercises.

4. Prevent yourself constantly chew when nervous. "Zayed" stress, you provoke an enhanced production of insulin and cortisol.

5. Be an optimist. Constantly swarming in my head gloomy thoughts exacerbate stress. And if you learn to see the positive side of any issue, melancholy retreat.

Despite the fact that scientists have long found a link between stress hormones and "roundness" press optimal "antidote" to accumulation of fat on the abdomen, they have not yet found. However, it can be argued that regular exercise, relaxation techniques, and the use of the Mediterranean diet - can be very effective in calming nerves and stomach tightening.


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