You have a weakness? Not enough iron!

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 Many of the known material such as iron. But few know what the consequences of a lack of iron in the body, what should be its necessary daily dose. It is also important to include in the diet and iron-containing products to understand which of them are especially useful.

Iron - one of the most important trace elements in our body. It is responsible for blood formation and, as part of the cytochrome enzymes, oxygen fills the red blood cells and helps in its transporter in all tissues and organs of the body. This ensures normal breathing and vital functions of cells, improves the thyroid gland and is involved in the creation of its chief, involved in the synthesis of hormones enzyme - thyroperoxidase. Iron regulates the immune system and maintains a good level of immune resistance. Through adequate iron in the body is carried out full nonspecific defense cells and formed cellular and local immunity.

Iron accumulates in the bone marrow, liver and spleen, and used as needed by the body. In the case of iron deficiency can begin to develop iron-deficiency anemia, accompanied by general muscle weakness, is a violation of taste and smell, become brittle nails and hair.

Daily person must obtain food from about 1, 5 mg of iron. At first glance it seems that it's not much, but in reality to achieve the daily requirement - not an easy task. The thing is that our body is able to absorb no more than 10 per cent of iron that enters into it with food. This means per day requirement for iron is increased to 15 mg.

What foods contain the necessary amount of iron? Forget about apples iron, which is contained in them, it is very difficult to digest. But only 200 g chicken liver already contain all the necessary daily requirement of trace elements. Also useful ferric iron found in beef with prunes, liver and onions, chicken legs with herbs, baked potatoes, stewed cabbage, nuts and raisins.

It should be remembered, and those products that are involved in the absorption of iron by the body and contribute to this. This could include orange juice and honey, as they contain ascorbic acid. But prevents the absorption of iron strong tea and coffee, and red beans.

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