Simple rules for health

 None of us want to celebrate the New Year, sneezing and coughing. But, unfortunately, in the winter is very easy to catch a cold or something more serious. Therefore, in the autumn and winter should be especially attentive to their health and strengthen the immune system.  

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Immunity - A system of reactions of the body, protecting it from hostile foreign microorganisms and cells: bacteria, toxins, viruses, germs, etc. Immunity may decrease due to the impact of adverse factors. And though the rhythm of life, in which he lives almost every one of us, lowered immunity in nearly all.

Poor environment, a lot of cars around, frequent stress, lack of sleep - all this and a lot of other similar factors to which we are accustomed to, and not perceive them as potentially dangerous, weaken our immune system, day after day. In winter, our body becomes more open to different infections: a lack of vitamins, plus five minutes in a draft and ready - fever, runny nose, sore throat and other "Joy" are guaranteed.

Primarily in the struggle for strengthening the immune system should take care of the cleansing of your body. Harmful substances enter our bodies in large quantities, including food and water. Do not skimp on your health: how to buy better products. Clean mains water by means of filters.

Of course, a beneficial effect on the immune system willsmoking cessation. Abandoning this habit, you will protect yourself against many harmful substances, of which nicotine - not even the most dangerous. It is also recommended to limit the consumption of alcohol kolchestvo.

One of the steps towards a strong proof of immunity -hardening. Pouring cold water, rubbing snow or douches - all this gradually accustom your body to regular exposure to the cold.

Do not forget about the natural immune. This Echinacea, Immunal (herbal preparation made on the basis of an extract of Echinacea), ambrosia. In Echinacea contains substances that help heal wounds that have immunostimulatory effects.

It helps in many viral and bacterial diseases due multidimensional effects on immunity. As a preventive and therapeutic tools tincture of echinacea can drink 2-3 times per year.

Ambrosia - a product produced by bees. It contains all the vitamins, carotenoids, rutin, vitamin C, D, E and H, proteins, amino acids, hormones, enzymes, and even natural antibiotics. It has everything you need for normal metabolism and refresh the body.

A healthy body will easily resist infections. And it will lead to health, including adherence. Proper nutrition, exercise, restful sleep - simple things will protect you from the traditional "winter" diseases.

Regular meals is important. It is recommended to gradually eat 4-5 times a day. The diet should be varied: fresh vegetables, fruits, high-quality dairy and meat products, fish. About the phrase "fast food" better to forget. It is extremely important to eat useful for bowel dairy products. They contain bacteria that help digestion, lower cholesterol, prevent intestinal infections and increase the body's resistance.

Sleep also be regular. You should not drive themselves on weekdays in order to relax and catch up on sleep on the weekends. This disrupts the biological rhythm of the body and greatly harms the immune system. Optimal sleep for 8 hours every day at a certain time of day.

To stay strong, your body is vital to the movement. And it does not matter which one you choose: morning exercises, dancing in the evenings, swimming in the pool or yoga. Again, the main thing that loads were regular.

It is important to maintain inner peace and balance. Stress - one of the main enemies of immunity. Saturate your life with positive emotions - meet friends, go to the theaters, cinemas and museums, indulge yourself and loved ones with small gifts. Smile more and be happy. And then no disease can spoil you no New Year celebration, or any other day.

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