How to cope with fatigue

How to cope with fatigue
 Fatigue - the usual condition of the working person. During the day the body's resources are developed, and the nights are often not enough to fully recover. And the next day - again, all in the same circle. And modern man sometimes sleeps four hours a day, while the norm - not less than seven hours! But even living in such a furious pace, you can somehow minimize fatigue.

To begin with, that the change of activity - already holiday. Practice shows that this holiday - not quite full, but how else to get out if there is much? To play on the fact that all these things - different. Push down on the specifics of your job, your profession. If you sit all day, allow yourself a little run. If possible, go to work on foot, and come home and change into comfortable clothes and little mileage. After that - once in the shower. Now you can lie - a little so as not to fall asleep. Home also do not sit right behind the computer, television or sewing to knitting. Take care of some business that requires physical activity. Work that requires physical exertion, but not associated with mental stress, will relax tired head per day.

Another way to somehow overcome fatigue - to forget about their troubles, take the player with your favorite music and a little lie down in advance by isolating itself from the home. Think about something good, do not relate to everyday life. Try additionally motivate yourself, you know that grind away on this work or study is not just that an investment in your future. Think about what you want, think about which of these dreams can be realized with the help of your daily work.

Finally, the dream. Sleep is necessary - this hack to death on your nose. No matter how strong was your will to win, how would you sooner or awakened your hard work, allow yourself to sleep at least for a weekend and notify your household. Let your household chores and recede into the background: the main thing - health. If you do not take care of health now, then you will overtake where big trouble. Consider whether you need to work hard before losing momentum now, then if you do not be able to do this? Maybe better distribute difficulties without much loss? ..

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