Gymnastics at the office

Gymnastics at the office
 Table littered with papers uninvestigated folders, phone constantly ringing, supervision requires immediate report ... To take care of their own health in the bustle of the office are extremely rare. However, it takes a few minutes to regain energy and relax.

In the workplace, the average office worker spends his whole life in the amount of nine years. This is a worthy occasion to organize their stay in the office with the maximum comfort, as well as be able to relax and take care of your health.

Once you get to the office, not to dip his head into work. Try to arrive early and sit down even for a moment, gathering in front of a busy day.

Gymnastics at the office, oddly enough, begins with the right fit. The human body is designed for movement. But while most of his life philistine carries in a sitting position (work, transport, house). This posture is unnatural for humans, and in fact is a serious burden on the body. First of all, sitting position overloads the spine and back muscles, slows down blood circulation throughout the body, provokes swelling in the legs and causes headaches.

Make your stay in office as comfortable as possible, choose for themselves with orthopedic seat back and a good support for the lower back. Take so that the legs form an angle of 90 °. Chair should always be with armrests to relieve the tension from the arms and shoulders. And back and the seat should be adjusted in height and angle.

Sit in a comfortable chair, but watch out for posture. Try not to tilt your head down: it must be a computer screen right before your eyes. If you have to read a lot of papers, it is advisable to purchase a vertical stand for them. Control of the position of the body - one of the main exercises in the workplace.

To save vigor into the evening and forget about the stiff muscles, twice a day, perform a five-minute set of exercises.

• Move the chair away from the table, stretch your legs. First, simply pull them, and then pull the socks on myself and on my own.
• Rotate the brushes, and then his hands in different directions.
• Stretch your arms collected in the lock forward, rounding your back at the same time. Then pull the palms up. Arms out to the sides, shoulders squared.
• Stretch first ear to one shoulder and then the other. After that, pull your chin to your chest and straighten.

All exercises are performed at a slow pace, without getting up from his chair. However, during the day, try at least once an hour to walk around the office or outside for at least 5 minutes.

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