Go away, please, insomnia

Go away, please, insomnia
 Insomnia characterized by abnormalities in the duration of sleep, frequent awakenings, which lead to the breakdown of the emotional state, loss of attention and even nervous system disorders. If it turns out to sleep at night with difficulty, not necessarily take sleeping drugs, because you can resort to the following guidelines and keep your health.

To sleep, many people help the method of "warming". Take a bottle or water bottle and fill it with hot water, put in the leg. To enhance the effect, you can at bedtime for calves put mustard, or before you go to bed, walk 10 minutes on the cold floor barefoot.

Soothe your body by drinking a glass of warm water bed with a small amount of honey or a cup of boiled milk, and in no case do not drink tea before going to bed.

Classical music - a great tool to help you dive into the land of dreams. Especially scholars have identified works by Mozart, as a result of the research it was revealed that his tunes relieve nervousness, normalize heart rate and blood pressure. The nervous system positively affect the sounds of nature: the noise of the sea, the birds singing, imposed on instrumental music.

If the body is tired by the evening physically, sleep does not take long, so it is advisable to make small evening walks or jogging outdoors. And you can combine business with pleasure activity: sex before bed - will replace not only physical activity, but also relaxes the body and nervous system, through the provision of special hormones - endorphins.

Restful sleep will become the norm for you, when you stop to overload the body with food. The last meal should be finished no later than 18-19 pm, but with a hungry stomach sleeping is not recommended, so you can easily have a meal or drink a glass of fruit yogurt for half an hour before bedtime.

Evening hike in the bath will bring you the long-awaited good night's sleep, if water is a certain temperature - not above 37 degrees, preferably with the addition of pine extract, you can also use sea salt.

Reading literature and watching television accelerate sleep: for these classes in the body decreases blood pressure, feeling of sluggishness starts yawning, and it's tempting to quickly close your eyes and touch the head cushion.

It is also important to take a comfortable position in bed: Lie on your right side, slightly bending your knees. It was such a posture is considered ideal for a quick sleep, but if you suffer nocturnal snoring - it is better to sleep on your back, raise higher the pillow, in this position, it will be easier to breathe.

These tips will help make your dream a pleasant and strong, but if self does not help, you should definitely see a doctor because insomnia - often a sign of serious illness.

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