The harm of cigarettes to women's health

The harm of cigarettes to women's health
 There are many reasons that can prompt a woman to smoke. Some do it for the company, the other - just for the sake of curiosity, others believe that smoking - a great way to relieve stress and calm down, and someone even sees inspiration in cigarettes. But not every woman thinks about that, smoking another cigarette, it hurts your body and reduces their chances of being healthy wife and mother.
 In the process of smoking woman's body loses huge amounts of calcium, which is one of the most important minerals that support its basic functions. Calcium deficiency causes osteoporosis.

Women who smoke often have problems with the thyroid gland. And in fact it is responsible for maintaining the body normal hormonal balance, as a result of violations of women's health which literally goes racing.

In addition to the heart and broncho-pulmonary system, greatly suffer from smoking women and genitals. This happens due to the fact that the egg, absorbing harmful substances enter the body as a result of smoking, lose their ability to fertilize. As a result, women smokers at risk and do not know the joy of motherhood, remained barren.

Smoking during pregnancy and breastfeeding is very detrimental to the health of your baby. After forming his body absorbs all the harmful substances that his mother receives during smoking. Miscarriages smoking mothers are much more likely than women leading a healthy lifestyle. In addition, smoking increases the risk of having a baby with a variety of disabilities.

Smoking is very dangerous for women taking hormones. The result of such a union could be the emergence of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack.

In addition to women's health, smoking causes enormous harm and its appearance. Smoking lady can be found on the dull rough facial skin, numerous wrinkles, yellow teeth, split weak hair, nails layer and, of course, disgusting breath.

Thus, all the arguments put forward in favor of smoking, absolutely not convincing in comparison to what harm this causes addiction to women's health.

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