Several ways to quit smoking for women

Several ways to quit smoking for women
 At all times, a woman with a cigarette caused a negative attitude on the part of others, especially men. However, smoking is not only harmful to the female body and produces a negative impression on friends and acquaintances, but also addictive. Unfortunately, quitting smoking is difficult, so it is better not to begin.
 If you are still addicted to this disastrous occupation and for many years want to quit smoking, there are several ways to do it painlessly.

First of all, unlearn smoking helps stay in places where smoking is prohibited. For example, a woman may be a long time without tobacco in the workplace and, subsequently simply grow out of bad habits at all.

As well to a change of scenery. For example, a trip to the long-awaited vacation, where you will find a lot of new emotions that will help to distract from smoking.

Try to avoid the noisy companies, which are accustomed to a few hours to drink alcohol. Typically, such a "rest" provokes frequent smoke breaks.

Another way to get rid of addiction to tobacco is the reading of literature, which is described in detail, what harm a female body incense. "Aware - is forearmed" - let this be your motto.

Remember that women smokers may alienate desirable man. So if your object of passion does not smoke and has a negative attitude towards those who smoke, it is better if you try to get rid of a bad habit. After all, at stake is your personal life.

Avoid stressful situations, since often a person smokes, being in a depressed state of mind.

To help in this difficult matter, there antinicotinic patches, electronic cigarettes, acupuncture, coding, and even hypnosis. If you own willpower you no it does not suffice to break the habit of tobacco use one of these methods or more.

We should not forget that smoking contributes to poor complexion woman spoils the teeth and gives trouble breathing shade. And yet, smoking girl and femininity can not be combined. Therefore, determine what is more important - a bad addiction that "calms the nerves" or the health and beauty of women.

Note that if you stop smoking, you will begin a new sense of smell of the surrounding world. You will be able to "drink" the air, to distinguish it certain aromatic notes. You'll even learn how to smell the air after the rain, in the forest or the sea. And most importantly, you will feel what a wonderful aroma coming from your child! That is, if you can unlearn smoking, you will discover a whole new world of flavors in which you - the central figure.

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