Prevention of influenza

Prevention of influenza
 It takes a hot summer, autumn comes capricious, blending smoothly into the harsh winter, and in front of us again stands the risk of colds, the most common of which - the flu. Many of us refer to it quite lightly, considering that this is a trivial cold, and pay special attention to its not worth it. However, the regular flu - pretty dangerous disease, fraught with a variety of complications. Its the same species that have appeared in recent years, not only threaten complications, but also fatal. Therefore, the risk of getting the flu need to make every effort to minimize, observing all the measures of prevention. What is this prevention, tells his readers female online magazine JustLady.

Prevention of influenza. Behavior

The most common variant of influenza virus infection - direct contact with a sick person. To do this, it is not necessary that he touched another person or sneezing and coughing in his presence. Viruses of this disease are able to live on some surfaces for several hours, and can be transferred from these surfaces to human health. Sneezed on his hand one who is sick with influenza, then picked up the cup, gave it to someone - everything is ready. Virus found another victim. Therefore, during a flu epidemic we should all as often as possible to wash your hands, rub them with antibacterial wipes or antibacterial gel coat.

In the same case, when the state of health deteriorated somewhat, and began to suspect the presence of influenza during sneezing and coughing, contrary to current opinion, cover your hands, do not. Because that's how you can quickly and pass the infection to others. Sneeze and cough into the crook of the elbow is necessary, or in a disposable paper handkerchief which should be thrown away immediately.

With the risk of getting the flu is often undesirable touching your face, because flu viruses enter the body through the mouth, nose and eyes. Touching the face, we contract the flu itself and then carries it around. In addition, during epidemics need to use as much of the liquid as it cleanses the body and stimulates the immune system. An adult should drink at least eight glasses of water, tea or juice a day.

ExcellentPrevention of influenza - Bath or sauna. Scientists say that people, it happens in the steam room, at least twice a week, the risk of getting the flu, compared with those who ignore these institutions, is reduced by half. The explanation is quite simple: the viruses that are already in the human body can not tolerate the temperature of the steam rooms and happily die.

Another effective way to prevent influenza - aerobics. Systematic physical activities promote active sweat and accelerate blood circulation, allowing our immune system is activated, strengthening, thus protecting against viruses.

As for food, during epidemics of influenza our diet should be rich dishes containing phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are natural elements contained in the greens, fruits, vegetables. Therefore, for the prevention of influenza should be there as much as possible of red and yellow fruits and vegetables and dark green leaf greens. Furthermore, to enhance the stability of the organism in this period is very useful calorie yogurt. Their bacteria stimulate the immune system. Prevent the spread of influenza viruses seafood, fish, beef, lean pork, chicken. It is very useful in this regard mushrooms, eggs, cheese, cauliflower.

The main part of the people suffering in the autumn autumn hypovitaminosis. It is a deficiency of one or more vitamins and manifests itself as increased drowsiness, irritability, memory loss, excessive fatigue. If a set of symptoms observed in humans, then it needs vitamins to take to be on the recommendation of a physician. In addition, those who suffer from hypovitaminosis, enter into your diet as much as possible of citrus, tomato, carrot, sunflower oil, nuts, green peas, cauliflower. And, of course, is very rich in vitamins natural antibiotics - garlic, onions and horseradish. In addition, they contain volatile, killing many viruses.

Very weaken our immune system stress and tension, which will definitely need to learn how to shoot. Calming down, we increase the blood levels of molecules that actively resists cold and flu viruses. However, for this to happen, relaxation should cause positive emotions, that is held in the atmosphere, causing pleasure. If such be in such a situation is not possible, it can be easy with the help of imagination, imagine even for a few minutes.

Negative effect on the immune system and bad habits. Heavy smokers and drinkers suffer big flu and more often, and for longer. Cigarette smoke dries out the sinuses, and they lose the ability to resist influenza viruses, and alcohol suppresses the immune system and dehydrates the body, making it vulnerable to infection.Prevention of influenza in this case can not complete abandonment of these habits, is the reduction of alcohol consumption and cigarette to a minimum.

In short, as a whole, for the effective prevention of influenza requires a healthy diet and active lifestyle, eliminating bad habits and excellent mood. And then this irreconcilable enemy of our health retreat, leaving hope to successfully attack our body.

 Olga Kocheva
Women's magazine JustLady

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