How to start throwing

How to start throwing
 The use of tempering procedures is undeniable: strengthening the immune system, the body's general health, the prevention of cardiovascular disease and heart disease, etc. Pouring water - one of the stages of hardening, which requires willpower corresponding morale.
 Start hardening should gradually - Do not spray themselves with water from head to toe on the first day, you put this body only harm. Having experienced the stress of unexpected load and temperature changes suddenly, not only can you catch a cold, but also earn a heart problem.

The water temperature at which you start tempering procedures should be room - for this you can take measurements or just leave a few buckets in the room in the evening. During the night the water warms up and reaches the desired temperature.

Prepare for the procedure in advance - put in a water bath, bring a bucket, a large towel and shoes. Suitable rubber slates that can be wet. Place the objects within reach, so that during the procedure with no fuss and run around the room.

The first stage of hardening differs minimal impact. Climb up to the bathroom, take a bucket of water and type - pour on the hand, then go to the forearm, go to the shoulders. Splash water on your feet, drench neck. Complete the procedure by washing with cold water. Wipe dry with a towel (preferably take the toughest).

On the second day, add to these areas back - lean forward and splash bucket of water over his shoulder. Then pour the water twice on the neck so that it ran down his back. Do not pour a lot of water, pour it woks parts, fixing their feelings.

On the third day, add the pouring head. After processing, tilt your head back and pour water on his head. Wipe the body and dry hair.

The first week was doused parts, trying to observe this sequence: arms, neck, legs, back and head. The next stage - the total douche. Do it as follows: Prepare three buckets and alternately pour water on the head, chest and back. From this week can reduce the temperature of the water - gradually lower it every day by one degree. 20-15 degrees - the optimal water temperature for hardening. If the procedure you like and you do not feel discomfort, and if your physician approves such experiments, then gradually lower the water temperature up to 10 degrees.

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