How to protect yourself from the flu

How to protect yourself from the flu
 One of the most common infectious diseases in the autumn and winter is the flu. It is dangerous not so much their symptoms, how many possible complications. To prevent disease, it is important to take timely preventive measures.
 Take care to prevent influenza need long before the onset of winter. Vaccination - is the most effective way to protect yourself from illness. Should be vaccinated until the mid-late November, only in this case will have time to develop immunity to the beginning of the epidemic.

If you have any contraindications to vaccination or for some reason do not have time to get vaccinated, you need to take comprehensive measures to protect the body. Since the virus is transmitted by droplet infection and affects the respiratory system, to strengthen them should do first.

Every day, rinse your nose with a solution of sea moths. Liquid cleanse the nasal mucosa and normalizes its protective function. Before going out lubricate each nostril oxolinic ointment. It has antiviral activity and protects the body against the virus.

Take a multivitamin preparations. Although they do not have antiviral activity, but improve immunity. Namely, on its condition and the body's resistance depends influenza. You can use natural remedies to strengthen the immune system, such as ginseng or Eleutherococcus tincture. Not superfluous will be rich in vitamins and juices and fruit drinks.

Try not to go to crowded places. Large supermarkets prefer small shops. If possible, drive your own car rather than public transport. When visiting the clinic, wear a surgical mask.

Eat onions and garlic, they are the perfect way to protect against the flu. Finely chop them and place in the saucer. Arrange them in every room. After all, even the smell of them has a healing effect on the body.

Prescribed by a doctor, take antiviral and immune-boosting drugs. Despite the fact that they received a double, they really help protect yourself from the flu.

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