How to protect your teeth

How to protect your teeth
 Food and drinks that we consume can affect the state of our teeth. Some products protect our teeth, and some on the contrary, enamel and destroys performed to gum disease. What you need to know to protect your teeth?  
 To protect teeth from caries, it is necessary to use the right products. Many vitamins have a positive impact on our teeth. Thus, vitamin D promotes safety phosphate and calcium in the bones. It has beneficial effects on the growth of teeth. Vitamin C is the initial element of dentin, strengthens tooth enamel. Vitamin A promotes the renewal of the oral mucosa. These vitamins are found in significant quantities in fruits, vegetables, liver, fish.
Fluoride is contained in the cooking salt, fish and legumes, reduces plaque appearance affects mineralization of enamel promotes resistance to acids and prevents bacterial growth.

For mineralization of tooth enamel needed calcium, phosphate and kozein. Their ideal ratio found in cheeses.
But to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath and contribute to tooth decay, it is very useful to drink green tea. Its antibacterial properties excellent job with microbes.

Harmful to teeth products are considered to be sugar, acid, various products that sticky in the interdental spaces. Sugar creates an ideal environment for the development of caries and acid washed out minerals from the tooth surface. Therefore, try to use as little as possible soft drinks, acidic fruit juices and other products containing these ingredients.

Cause great harm to the teeth sticky foods. They envelop the teeth, which is why there is rapid growth of pathogens. So after eating cakes, pies, cookies, try to rinse your mouth thoroughly.
Everyone knows that for the preservation of the teeth, they need to be cleaned in the morning and evening. Be sure to use toothpaste that not only cleans the teeth, but also has a positive impact on the safety of the enamel, relieves inflammation of the gums, kills germs. Also for cleaning, use dental floss, various balms. Good effect mouthwash propolis tincture, decoction of herbs and ginger.

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