How to protect against tuberculosis

How to protect against tuberculosis
 Tuberculosis has been and remains one of the most dangerous and common infectious diseases in the world. Today's medicine has achieved some success in dealing with it, but it's better to take certain measures to protect themselves from infection with tuberculosis.
 The most important thing that needs to be done to everyone who is serious about their health - is to have regular medical check-ups and do not forget about the x-rays. So you will be able to identify the disease at an early stage. The earlier the treatment of tuberculosis, the more successful it will be.

Always remember about personal hygiene, especially if the nature of their activity, you are communicating with many people and visiting public places. Let your purse always lie handkerchief and paper napkins. Never use other people's personal things, cutlery, avoid close contact (kissing, shaking hands, even) with strangers. Or then thoroughly wash your hands, face. Tubercle bacillus (the causative agent of the disease) is quite stable and can remain viable for several months!

Regular cleaning of the house - is a way of preventing many diseases, including tuberculosis. Therefore, once a week, be sure to wet cleaning their homes. Especially irreconcilable struggle with cockroaches, flies. It has long been proven that these insects can become carriers of tuberculosis.

Fully fed properly. Strong immune system creates a reliable barrier to pathogenic bacteria. Food should be varied, rich in vitamins and valuable trace elements. The diet must include protein foods (meat, fish, eggs, chicken). Do not forget the milk products (cheese, cheese, yogurt). Very useful reasonable use of butter. Fruits, vegetables and honey - a mandatory component of proper nutrition. It is necessary, if not eliminate, that significantly reduce the consumption of smoked, salty, spicy and fatty foods. The use of the body, they will not bring, but can weaken it.

Sadly, tuberculosis has long ceased to be a disease of anti-social strata of society (prisoners, the homeless), and increasingly affects quite affluent people. To hedge against the risk of contracting the disease is impossible, but in your power to reduce this risk to a minimum.

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