How to learn to get up early

How to learn to get up early
 The earlier a person wakes up and begins to engage in the necessary chores, the more he can. Most would agree with this logical statement, but only in some turns in practice to act according to this principle.  
 Everything is achievable if you put a goal and go for it.

Decide on motivation. This is especially important if you have previously had a habit of waking up late. When you do "for the company," then you do not have enough for a long time. And if you clearly articulate the benefits of early wake-up and decide that you need it, it will be easier.

Just go to bed. Of course, if you are ready to eat until midnight, clean, fun, or do other things, then, of course, to wake up early in the morning will not be easy. Expect to sleep, based on the fact that an adult should sleep at least 8 hours, but it takes into account peculiarities of his body, because some are sleeping at least 10 hours.

Always wake up at the same time, in order to accustom the body to the regular awakening. By the way, public holidays and weekends should not be an exception. If you do not sleep enough, it is best to relax during the day, rather than an extra hour in the morning.

Immediately awakens. No one says you have to automatically jump out of bed for the first wake-up call. Need to wake up and open your eyes, and do not rearrange the alarm for a few minutes later. If you give in to this temptation, then put the alarm clock next to the bed did not, as far away from her, to get up and turn it off - so it will be less likely that you will return to bed and go to sleep on.

Plan things to do in the morning. Not only those that can be undone or "move". Learn responsible approach. This will initially be a good support, because when there is a plan, regardless of the wishes have to get up early.

Do not forget about health. Douches in the morning and light exercise will quickly lead you to the tone, and sleep like a hand lift.

Take care of the atmosphere. Was the desire to get up and start doing the intended business, you need to create in the room contributes to this situation. For example, if the temperature of the air in her low, get out from under a warm blanket will not be easy, or lack of good consecration will promote drowsiness.

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