How to force myself to stop smoking

How to force myself to stop smoking
 Smoking is not only a cause of various diseases, but also serious stress. When smokers are thinking about how harmful tobacco smoke, they start to worry and subconsciously reach for a cigarette. A smoked her suffer pangs of conscience.
 To get rid of this bad habit, you need to change the attitude towards it. As stated in the book by Allan Carr "Easy Way to Stop Smoking", think about what you essentially have nothing to throw. After all, the semantics of the word "throw" means that you have to part with something very expensive. But is the acrid smell of tobacco, yellow plaque on the teeth, sour taste in the mouth and smoker's cough - the most expensive things for you? Formulate your goal of quitting smoking, changing the word "quit" to the word "stop." To evaluate the difference of these words, watch your non-smoking friends. Do they suffer from the fact that not smoking? Who said that you will suffer, if refuse to nicotine?

In stressful situations, joyful or a smoker lights a cigarette for one or two puffs. That's how much it is necessary that he felt a certain degree of satisfaction of cigarette smoke. If subconscious cheating your body, try to go back to the hype. Take a fresh pack and cut each cigarette 1/3. After 3-7 days you will feel that you quite enough of this "dose." Then cut off half of each cigarette smoked and only half during the same time. Then leave the third of each cigarette. Approximately a week later you will realize that these 2-3 Tightening you absolutely do not need, and what you somehow manage stress without them. An important condition: if you choose this way of quitting smoking, do not smoke cigarettes whole and does not increase your daily dose to compensate for "damage". If you stand firm in the decision to stop smoking, this method would be to have real action.

Do not smoke in the kitchen or apartment, avoid kurilok at work. In cafes and restaurants, choose non-smoking rooms in which people breathe nezadymlennym air. Your task - as little as possible to inhale the smell of tobacco. Sometimes a person smokes automatically reaches for a cigarette when standing next to lights or calling smoke. Praise yourself every time you have not succumbed to the entreaties smoke over a cup of coffee or abandoned the first morning cigarette. More walks in the parks and most went on nature, to quickly clear the lungs of the old habit.

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