How to develop memory and attention

How to develop memory and attention
 About people with a good memory and ability to focus on certain tasks often say, "I was lucky. It is easier to work with. " Indeed, such qualities - is the necessary elements for success. But, strictly speaking, luck plays a very small role. Specific exercises will help develop memory and attention.
 Warning - this is a mental quality that a person is able to carry out targeted actions. Any mental operation requires attention, as the case before it needs to be isolated from the total mass and focus. One of the properties that characterize the attention - stability, ie the ability to work in the same direction as long as required. For the development of this property, we recommend the following exercises.

Exercise "5 minutes" to be performed several times a day. Start a business that is not very inspiring, you set a goal that once seem that he no longer wants to do, to continue for another 5 minutes. Best of all this exercise is suitable for reading the scientific literature or some monotone home affairs. It can be somewhat modified. If you do not want to do something, you need willpower to force myself to start this business for at least 5 minutes. Since the will and attention are directly related, this exercise at the same time allows you to train both useful qualities.

The next exercise. You also need to choose a period of, for example, 2-3 minutes, and all this time to consider any subject, noting the smallest details. At this time, do not respond to any foreign interference: a loud noise, music, etc.

And another exercise on the development of attention. You need to sit comfortably and throw in all the fingers except the large, to the castle, internally tune that no noise will not be a hindrance, and begin to rotate your thumbs around each other in one direction. Constantly focus on this pointless move. First exercise is performed for 5 minutes. Then, the interval is gradually increased up to 15 minutes.

Often the development of attention directly improves memory. Therefore, all the exercises aimed at developing habits of concentration, and help solve some of the problems, if any, memory.

Also to improve memory is very useful to study foreign languages. If you learn every day for at least 10 words, in 2-3 months you will notice improvement in memory. As a nice bonus - mastering a foreign language.

In the afternoon you need to try to celebrate around all the smallest details: the trees on the way to work, what people were wearing, etc. Evening observations are recorded in a diary. After a few days to try to remember all these events and to consult with the records.

On memory and attention directly affects health. Good nutrition and exercise contribute to the improvement of these very useful features. Of course, all of these exercises will not help with any serious problems that require medical treatment. As for the rest, all in the hands of the man himself. Of course, it is best to start training as a child, but if not, never too late to start.

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