How to deal with insomnia

How to deal with insomnia
 Sleep is vital as food and air. It gives the rest of the nervous system, relaxes muscles, while it updated the cells, the body recuperate. How can that be, if the dream disappears and all night necessarily have to stay awake, meeting in the morning completely broken state?
 Insomnia arises from a variety of causes. One of them - nervous exhaustion. Quite often it occurs because of a sedentary lifestyle and oxygen starvation. So try whenever possible to load themselves physically: you walk to work, doing morning exercises, go out of town, walk in the woods, cross-country skiing, swimming - movement and fresh air will help regulate sleep.

Before you go to bed, take a warm bath with soothing herbs or aromatherapy oils. Make a comfortable temperature in the bedroom. Good sleep with an open window, of course, not in the bitter cold. Perhaps the reason for poor sleep - to prevent him from sounds outside the window or wall. Use a cotton swab to the ears - and sometimes only it eliminates insomnia.

The body gets used to the regularity, so important a strict regime of bedtime. Do not overload the stomach with food of the night, or sleep will be disturbing, interrupted. But nothing at all to eat after six in the evening, as recommended in many diets, it is impractical. The body will suffer from hunger and will not let you relax. Snack an hour or two before bedtime something light: apple, yogurt.

The arms of Morpheus most useful to nine in the evening until midnight. A sleep duration depends on the individual characteristics of each. Some to recuperate sufficiently five or six hours. So do not force yourself, trying to collect the missing hours - an excess of sleep is harmful to health, as well as the lack of it.

If you are already an hour diligently tried to sleep, but it does not work, cheat your body. Get up out of bed, go do something, tidy room, porukodelnichayte if possible - take a walk. Sleep to come. But do not worry, if I have to wait until evening. Just do not be tempted to pokemarit in broad daylight - then another sleepless night you provided.

Trouble falling asleep can cause serious health problems. In such cases it is necessary to consult a specialist and use it to remove the causes of insomnia.

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