10 habits of healthy women

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 Healthy woman always everything is fine - eyes shine, and on the cheeks plays cheerful glow. And it seems that any problem can solve it jokingly, but trouble always does not reach it. Sometimes it seems that it is given to them by nature. However, the results of research, scientists have concluded that some very ordinary habits can greatly improve the mental and physical condition.

1. Pamper yourself. How often women can not afford the small joys! And it was nice small gifts for themselves will help to improve mood and appearance. Try to pamper yourself every week, then your health will improve.

2. Train your brain. A neuroscientist at the University Duke University - Lawrence Katz - argues that neyrobika allows you to fight with mental effects of aging. To do this, you must do special exercises - to take a shower or dressing in the dark, unfamiliar food to cook every morning to smell different odors.

3. Get rid of fear. A man of many fears - of losing their jobs, part with her beloved, disappoint others. Try to take a small risk, for example, you can start with a trip to the cinema alone. It can prepare you for other actions that require courage, for example, for the upcoming trip alone. As a result, the fear is reduced and you will be happier.

4. Get rid of the guilt. If you overcome this feeling does not work, ask yourself why it is manifested. Try to feel all the emotions - both positive and negative. Observation of their own feelings will help you calm down.

5. Find your own exercise program. Selected exercises should not just pull a figure, but like you. It is not necessary to engage in certain activities only because he is in vogue.

6. Do not forget to laugh. Scientists have proven that laughter increases the level of endorphins in the blood, it burns calories, strengthens the immune system and helps to overcome the difficulties.

7. Inhale the smell of citrus. The aroma of oranges and lemons affects the neurotransmitters in the brain, improving mood and boosting immunity. For this approach may oils, candles or simply air freshener.

8. Do not keep emotions in themselves. Try to pronounce everything that you have on your mind. Women is a must. Usually, after a conversation depression disappears, and the mood improves.

9. Get enough sleep. Modern life almost makes it impossible to relax. Often women instead of sleep, prefer to read a book, browse the pages of friends in social networks or simply watching a movie. Then suffers primarily health of the girl and her appearance.

10. Keep the family budget. From the way people manage their finances, it is possible to judge how he understands and appreciates you. It is important to keep track of monthly receipts of income and take into account all costs. Then the reasons for depression, when there is no money so wages will be less - you can simply reduce one of the items of expenditure.

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