Take a bath

 It has long been known that the bath may be a beneficial effect on the body, contribute to its rejuvenation, skin clean, maintain and enhance physical and mental health. And who among us does not like to soak in a warm bath ?! But the bath really brought tangible benefits, it is necessary to take all the rules and not more than 30 minutes.

Doctors recommend taking a bath 1-2 times a week, and the rest of the wash in the shower. Before taking a bath is also a good idea to take a shower. This will allow the body to wash away the sweat and dirt, expand blood vessels, reduce tension.
Is the optimal temperature for the bath 36-37 ° C. Depending on the temperature and bath additives may be toning or relaxing effect.

Bath with water temperature 24-29 ° C lasting 10-15 minutes long you cheer. However, do not overdo it, though cold baths and tone the body, but it is necessary to get used to it gradually. The procedure for taking a bath with the water below 20 ° C should last no longer than three minutes.

A hot bath 37 - 40 ° C of not more than five minutes a well-toned and relieves stress. In a bath is better to sink gradually and certainly not immediately after a meal. The water should not rise above the heart. To avoid problems with blood circulation, after a bath take a cool shower.

If you add in a bath of aromatic oil iris, ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose and cinnamon, it will improve your mood. This also contributes to the adoption and foam baths.

Treatment baths with herbs generally taken at 37 ° C and not more than 20 minutes. For example, a bath with a decoction of mint, lavender, eucalyptus and a succession of good will remove fatigue. A bath with the addition of broth from a mixture of chamomile, nettle, succession, burdock root gives tonic effect.

Bath with herbal infusions and decoctions, sea salt, various natural products, such as honey or milk, are generally very useful for the organism. These baths strengthen and tone, regulate metabolism, cleanse and soften the skin, makes it velvety.

Look fresh and brisk five-minute warm bath will help with pine extract and a few drops of eucalyptus oil.

If you take a bath before going to bed, then relax and calm down the nervous system bath with temperatures up to 37 ° C for up to 20 minutes. A few drops of essential oil of lavender, lemon balm, fennel and chamomile to enhance the effect. After the bath, it is best to take a warm shower. And that was not the exciting effects on the nervous system do not take at bedtime salt baths.

It is not necessary to lie perfectly still in the tub. It is better to smoothly move your hands and feet, or massage. This will improve blood circulation and slow down the aging process.

Strengthen anti-aging effect by adding to the bath salts based on pine resin or seaweed.
Bath with a few tablespoons of starch and 1 teaspoon of glycerin, makes the skin smooth and supple.
Added to the bath spoon of honey perfectly relieve fatigue, help with insomnia, give the skin a smooth and silky.

Get rid of early wrinkles and make skin supple helps tub 6 from the juice of oranges, squeezed into the water. Moreover, such a wonderful bath uplifting.

Taking a bath can turn even a special ritual: candlelight, soft music, a state of absolute rest and relaxation - all can take place. And of course, it is better not to do it in the morning, limit your shower or even sluggish condition persists for the whole day.

And remember, the longer your stay in the bath, the greater the load on the heart and other organs of blood circulation, and it is harmful to the skin. And the hotter the water, the less must be time for a bath. For the elderly while taking water treatments should be much smaller than for the young. People with certain acute and chronic inflammatory diseases reception baths and is not recommended.

If after a bath you are not going to go to bed, arrange your body a little rest at least 15 minutes to prevent peeling and dryness of the skin, rub the skin cream or body lotion.

In general, how would you prefer a bath, the main approach this rationally and then it will do you good, improve mood, relax or invigorate, depending on your desires, and you will feel like a real Cleopatra.

Author: Olga Winnick

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