SPA-cosmetics: to help water and skillful hands

 Culture SPA firmly established in modern usage: even if you have never experienced the effectiveness of these procedures, then surely many times heard about them. Sanus per Aquam, or, in Latin, health through water, it is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable ways to fix the body. And not only - an essential part of SPA-rituals is their ability to help bring maximum relaxation and tranquility of the soul and the order of thoughts. Therefore noticing sale's Skin means positioned as SPA-cosmetics, we naturally decide that they will give us unmatched harmony. Women's magazine JustLady finds out whether or not count on it.

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Three capacious letters

The very notion ofSPA-procedures increased significantly during the Roman Baths: today it is primarily the type of spa hotel located in the resort town. Of course, the main condition - water - is maintained. ButSPA-hotel are completely different from each other: one offers a program of recovery, based on the action of the thermal springs, the other - the healing mud, the third - all sorts of activities with the participation of fresh seawater.

In short,SPA turned into a general definition for therapeutic and cosmetic procedures on the basis of Wellness, Balneo, Thalasso. By The Way,SPAand Thalasso often considered virtually synonymous, that is not quite true: the basic principle of thalassotherapy is the use of fresh sea water in combination with the original climate, the water "escort." Therefore, the centers' real thalassotherapy "in Central Russia, and there can not be much less serious rituals Thalasso impossible to arrange at home.

Main syupriz is clear that the definition ofSPA-cosmetics does not exist as there is no specific spectrum of its action. It is clear that professionalSPA-cosmetics used in the relevant procedures. Typical cosmetic component "water recovery" are considered cleaning (peeling), masks, baths (including hydrogen sulfide and mud), waxing, body wraps, edgingSPA manicure and pedicures. Recently, however, "under the wing" inSPA often turns and aromatherapy, and a sauna, and a fitness and nutrition. In addition, openingSPA-hairdresser ... and even dental offices! SPA now called everything associated with relaxation, comfort and a healthy lifestyle.

Genie from the vial

ManufacturersSPA-cosmetics today on the market in abundance. This luxury brands, including Yon-Ka, and now classical Thalgo and Biodroga, and ambitious newcomers like Caudalie, and locally known mass of small firms. What unites these brands? First of all, exceptional attention to raw materials used. In order to apply sophisticated rituals, cosmetics must meet the highest requirements. Ideally - no synthetic preservatives and perfume only "real" active agents (among a favorite SPA-cosmetics are algae, minerals (including sea salt), plant extracts, natural oils). That is goodSPA-cosmetics - A natural cosmetics with the "sea accent."

Coupled with relaxation procedures conducted by skillful hands of expertsSPA-centerNatural ingredients peels, masks, wraps, help rid the skin of toxins, to smooth its relief, saturate with moisture. Contained in algae and sea mud iodine positive effect on the thyroid gland, a condition which is extremely important for women's health.

SPA-cosmetics: to help water and skillful hands

Warmth, peace and serenity is achieved bySPA-ritualsGive your body a welcome rest, and in this gracious mood body perfectly assimilates all the benefits of the means. Only in this way worksSPA-cosmeticsOnly in tandem with quality procedures, it is most effective.

LinesSPA-cosmetics for home care reputable manufacturers are of high quality and using the same "water" ingredients, but we need to be aware: it's just a very good creams and masks. Their use does not take you into the magical worldSPA-resortAlthough the skin will provide excellent care.

In addition to professionalSPA-cosmeticsWhose power increases in proportion to staff developmentSPA, Mass market offers us a huge amount of funds that promise bliss hydrotherapy in private. In most cases, this is a commercial gimmick. Of course, the "real" SPA-cosmetics not everyone can afford, but it is difficult to treat them seriously: as a rule, a cheap means of widely used synthetic ingredients, and for allegedly SPAcomponent corresponds to a small percentage of the extract of algae or aromatic oils in the composition.

Undoubtedly, such funds can also help to relax, especially in the end of a busy week, when the hot tub and simple turns into a branch of heaven, but to valuesSPAthey have a very indirect relationship. But in order to try to arrange ahome SPA, It is not necessary to collect a complete set of vials from the supermarket. Much more authentic and useful to take a bath with sea salt and a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil. Naturally and effectively guaranteed! And even better - do not leave a dream to visit the best SPA-centerTo test on itself as it is generally supposed to be.

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