The operation to change the shape and volume of the lips: indications, results, complications

The operation to change the shape and volume of the lips: indications, results, complications
 Beautiful lips can give a smile and zest to make the face of a woman attractive and expressive. Correct volume, change the shape and contour of the lips was made possible by modern techniques of plastic and cosmetic medicine. They include such procedures as surgical plastic contour correction Biogel and fat injections. These methods differ in their objectives and date save the results.

Indications for surgical plastic lips are overgrown scar corners of the mouth, lower lip droops, papillomas, cysts, fibroids, angioma on the lips.

To radically change the lips, the doctor cuts striped skin above the upper lip, while creating a new drawing contour lips, and then the skin edges are sewn. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. Bandage after the procedure Lip removed after a week and ten days later you can completely return to everyday life. When plastic surgical pain and complications are minimized. Small scars after the procedure invisible or easily masked by makeup.

If you do not like the shape or volume of the lips, or you have a small vertical wrinkles on the upper lip, or asymmetry, you are advised to undergo the procedure contouring lips. This operation is performed by introducing its own adipose tissue or biogels. After a local anesthetic is administered to the lip gel. Then, that it is evenly distributed in the tissues of the lips to massage. Small needles that are introduced drugs, do not leave traces after the procedure. Complication of plastic injection may be swelling of the lips, which will be held in two weeks with proper care.

For lip augmentation is also possible to use fat injections. This is a rather complicated technique, which consists in the fact that one part of the body of the patient take the fat cells, then using a syringe administered on the lips. This method of correction of the lips is a big minus. First, the bad fat cells take root, if you use a local anesthesia. Therefore, surgeons perform surgery under general anesthesia. However, in this case, not all the cells take root, because of this, physicians have implanting more fat. In connection with this extremely difficult to predict the future shape of the lips, besides, after the plastic is always strong, long-lasting swelling, but the end result is seen only in a few weeks.

Complications arise when correcting lip only 1% of the patients due to allergic or inflammatory reaction, or a gel seal. Early treatment should they occur eliminates the unpleasant complications.

After surgery, the introduction of adipose tissue or gels is not required hospital stay. All the pain will pass within two weeks provided good care - massage and physiotherapy, cold several times a day, as well as the rejection of the solarium, sauna and exercise.

Usually when injected bio-gel effect is visible after the first treatment when coming swelling of the lips. However, sometimes because of the water absorption of the gel for the next 4-6 weeks, its volume decreases and the contour of the lips vary. Then it will take about six weeks to conduct additional plastic lips. The result of the procedure of contouring stored for 6-12 months depending on the method used.

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