Than make up for an important event Allergy

Than make up for an important event Allergy
 People suffering from allergies, must not only adhere to certain food patterns, but also to choose the right makeup, in order to calm irritated skin and trigger a relapse of the disease.
 Skin Allergy changed even during remission allergies. Usually it is dry and even dehydrated. Furthermore, it is highly responsive to various dyes, fragrances, preservatives and other ingredients of cosmetic products and household products.

It would seem that the range of cosmetics labeled "hypoallergenic" is quite extensive. But this inscription is true only for people who are not prone to allergies. And those who suffer from various kinds of dermatitis, need special care. Allergists-immunologists and dermatologists advise their patients to make samples for identification of allergens, and, going to the store or pharmacy to carry a list of the components of cosmetic products, which are likely to cause skin irritation or rash.

Usually, people who are allergic to pollen, are not suitable means, which is composed of phytochemicals and components based on honey. Allergic to dyes and perfumes, should carefully check the compositions they do not include perfumes.

Allergy is worth remembering that before buying any new type of cosmetic product, it is better to ask in the shop of his probe to see the body's response to it. If there is no, then you need to do before using allergy tests, causing the tool on an elbow bend.

But what about the beautiful half of humanity, if the majority of funds cosmetics an allergic reaction? Dermatologists advise girls allergic to draw attention to a series of decorative drugstore brands. Often they are based on thermal water from various springs. Such brands specialize in the production of hypoallergenic cosmetics for sensitive skin. Experts say that the feeling of tightness, dryness and itching of the skin is enhanced by the wrong choice of tone means. They are advised not to use harsh detergents, cleansing replacing them on the basis of thermal water and the same fix-up and pick up the tonal cream brands in the lines for sensitive skin.

In the period of acute allergies, you may experience a rash on the face. In such cases, some pharmaceutical brands develop corrective foundation, which contain about 25% of the pigment, which is almost 2 times higher than in conventional creams. And the texture of these creams is light and soft, allows the skin to breathe and at the same time perfectly conceals flaws.

Powder and eye shadow for people with allergies are often based on minerals. Mineral-based cosmetic is hyperfine powder of minerals and inorganic pigments are carefully cleaned and prepared for use in cosmetics. Particles of such powders is almost 10 times smaller than conventional, it is no talc, perfumes, preservatives, as natural ingredients have antibacterial properties. This makeup is allowed to use even after laser resurfacing and plastic surgery.

There is a mascara, suitable for people with allergies. The above brands produced by means of water from the hot springs. A recently invented ink, based on the reduction of tear fluid, the composition of which corresponds to the natural tear film rights, and, of course, the production of such carcasses are not used parabens and perfumes.

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