Makeup Secrets for different eye

Makeup Secrets for different eye
 Large expressive eyes - decoration person. However, not everyone is lucky to be born with eyes that are fully consistent with the canons of beauty. Hide flaws and highlight the advantages of appearance by using the right makeup.
 Shadows should be chosen depending on your skin type: oily pearl suitable for dry skin, and crisp - for oily. If you are doing a difficult evening makeup with rich colors, shadows can be fixed with a thin layer of transparent crumbly powder, and skin tones.

To visually enlarge small eyes, use light shades close to natural skin tone. Put them on the entire eyelid and over the line the lash strip swipe a darker shade. Lighten the skin under the eyebrows silver-white or light beige color. Soft brush thoroughly blend the color transitions. Too dark and noticeable eyeliner makes them less visually, so avoid heavy lines. Liner outer corners of the eyes can be shaded by extending them to the temples. Apply mascara on the lashes with a twisting effect.

According to the canons of beauty distance between the eyes should be equal to the eyes. If this distance is too small, dark pencil, draw a line from the middle of rolling century to the outer corner of the eye. On the inner corner apply light shade with sequins. Emphasize the outer corner of a darker color and blend transition. You can lightly plucked eyebrows from the nose to visually enlarge the distance between the eyes.

If the eyes are planted too widely, conversely, dark shadows put on the inner corner and blend them up to the eyebrows. The outer corner of the eye emphasize lighter shades.

Makeup sunken eyes can not use dark shadows and eyeliner fat. Thin line circle contour of the outer corner of the eye to the middle of the upper and lower eyelids. Use a light shade with sequins, in harmony with the color of the eyes.

Narrow, eastern section you can visually enlarge the eyes, if you use light shades of pink, purple, golden shadows. Outline with a pencil or eyeliner, draw arrows on the upper and lower eyelids. Drawn line on the upper eyelid should be thicker at the bottom - fine.

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