Make-up for 5 minutes

Make-up for 5 minutes
 Modern woman look irresistible helps makeup on his application of each of them takes an average of half an hour. But there are situations when time is running out, and left there only 5 minutes.

In order to bring myself up enough to perform five steps, each of which takes less than a minute.

Step One - sets the tone

Your goal - to give the skin a fresh and healthy, it is necessary to hide dark circles under the eyes, mask pimples, align tone. Use for this purpose foundation - concealer. Apply a small amount of lightly on the part of the person requiring intervention, and gently blend to achieve a uniform tone. For the skin around the eyes is recommended to use a concealer with a creamy texture. On other areas of the face, apply a cream-powder, the easiest way to do this using the sponge, it will achieve a uniform layer without leaving streaks.

Step Two - Put accents

Freshen the color and add flavor to help makeup blush and powder. With blush Emphasize is the area of ​​the cheeks, lightly walk along the hairline and chin touch. With the help of bronzer powder gives the face glow, it will add freshness to your image.

Step Three - focus on eyes

Enough to put mascara on the lashes to look irresistible. Should begin to paint eyelashes from the base, slowly, fixing the position of each of the brush for a few seconds. It is necessary to apply mascara in two layers, the main thing - to paint the tips of the middle and carefully. Make sure that the lashes look natural, do not stuck hairs.

Step Four - shine

When you express makeup should abandon lipstick saturated and dark shades, for its application takes a long time and requires attention to detail. It is much easier to do lip gloss or lipstick pearl, such funds will give lips a natural volume and well-groomed appearance.

Step Five - finishing touches

At the last minute, you can still catch a lot. You can put on eyebrow gel, it will not only give them the depth of color, but also fix, shine and neat appearance. In the absence of gel can just comb their special brush. If time permits, put on the upper eyelid shade lighter shade, preferably pearlescent, from lash to brow. They visually "wide open" look and will make more interesting.

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