How to keep the freshness and youthfulness of lips

How to keep the freshness and youthfulness of lips
 Soft and tender lips can afford if you want any woman. Mistakenly believe that they do not need special care and applying lipstick - only what they need, but it is not. Paying a few minutes of time daily mouth can permanently preserve their freshness and youth.
 The skin on your lips is very thin and sensitive. To protect it from damage, every day to follow a few simple rules:

- Do not lick your lips in the wind or cold;
- Do not bite them, even if nervous;
- Eat more foods rich in vitamins.

Removing make-up evening did not pass his lips. Remnants of lipstick, foundation or basis for makeup require removal from the surface of the lips. This is done with a cotton pad soaked in a special cosmetic milk or liquid cream.

Lips also require hydration and nutrition. The most simple - put on the lips and heavy cream in 10-15 minutes just lick them. But you can prepare a special mask, after which the lips are juicy, soft and attractive:

1. Pour 1 cup boiling water crushed leaves of eucalyptus, chamomile flowers and sage (1 tablespoon), allow to stand and cool. The resulting infusion freeze in ice cube molds. Twice a day, wipe cubes lips.

2. Mix 2 tablespoons sea ​​buckthorn oil and rosehip, 4 tablespoons unrefined vegetable oil. Obtain a protective balm that need to smear his lips before going out.

Add color pale lips daily massage will help with a soft brush dipped in cold water.

Lips may be subject to various diseases. The most common - it cracks and Zayed corners of his mouth. The basis of their appearance are always dry and peeling. The reasons may be different, including the lack of B vitamins in the body and pathogenic microbes in the mouth. It so happens that causes irritation inappropriate toothpaste.

Another common disease lips - fever (gerpis). Fight it can be any cream, many of which are now freely available in pharmacies. Thing to remember is that these sores can not be wetted with water during washing.

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