How to Draw an arrow with a pencil

How to Draw an arrow with a pencil
 Eyeliner - one of the most relevant and popular decorative means. It is found in virtually every woman beautician. Most often use a pencil to draw arrows. With them, you can successfully emphasize the eyes, as well as adjust their shape, size and even color. How correctly to draw arrows pencil?

How to Draw an arrow with a pencil

Powder eyelids or apply a light shade. Because of this, the pencil is not smeared and does not flow.
Then you can begin to draw arrows.
More often than not, start this process from the middle of the eye. First conduct a fine line to the inner edge of the eye. Try to stick to the ciliary region.


At the end of the drawing need a little lift the edge of the arrows at the outer corner of the eye. Optionally, you can expand it a bit. However, do not spend a thick line immediately thicken it gradually. This will help you know when to stop.


Carefully read the result. If you have something does not suit, you can fix it with a bit of a cotton sticks. Will also help to dark eyeshadow. They can be put on top of the arrows that will make them more even.

Pay attention

Try to keep the corners of the shooter is not very high out over the edge of the eye. Otherwise makeup will look unnatural.

Useful Tips

While drawing arrows better to fix the arm. Before that, you can work out on a sheet of paper.
Be sure to apply 3 coats of mascara. The presence of the arrows suggests the presence of long and thick eyelashes. Take the time to comb their special brush.

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