How to draw a straight arrow

How to draw a straight arrow
 Exquisite makeup always attracts attention, especially from men. The secret of this makeup is the element that gives the eyes not only expressive but also some appeal. You must have guessed that we are talking about the arrow. Thin, wide, along the length of the eye and create an effect of refined cut, they give the woman originality. So, how to draw arrows?
 First we need to put on the eyelid some shadows Flesh Tone. This technique is used to pencil or eyeliner not smeared and flowed.

 Before you start drawing an arrow - lock arm (to get a straight line), lean elbow on the table, for example. Apply the arrow next to the half-open lid. Thus, you will immediately see the flaws and fix their makeup. The arrow is drawn closer to the ciliary edge, creating the effect of thick lashes. Spend a thin straight line. Then, if necessary, make it thicker. There are several ways to apply the line. Some people prefer to keep the line from the mid-century. Others - draw carefully the arrow from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. The best option - to put the arrow in two parts: first, keep a line from the inner corner to the middle of the century, and then from the middle to the outer corner of the eye.

 The final touch must lift up arrow to avoid visual effect sad or sorrowful eyes.

 Draw arrows can be hard, soft pencil or liquid eyeliner. For beginners it is recommended to use a soft pencil. Solid arrows pencil drawing, as a rule, only the apologists of art visage. Liquid liner is recommended for those who have already managed to get hand.

 And finally some professional advice. To visually arrange the close-set eyes - Enter a thin line from the middle of the upper eyelid, gradually thickening it to an end.

 If you want to make round eyes more elongated shape - Apply the contour of a few millimeters above the outer corner of the century.

 Arrow of white, light gray and skin tones carried on the upper eyelid to help visually enlarge the eyes.

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